G Adventures – China’s Harbin Ice Festival: By the Numbers

1963: Year of the first Harbin Ice Festival

33: Number of Harbin Ice Festivals that have taken place. The festival was halted for a number of years during China’s Cultural Revolution, and resumed in 1985.

10,000: Number of people tasked with constructing Harbin’s massive ice city each year

750,000: Size, in square metres, of Harbin’s ice city

180,000: Volume, in cubic metres, of ice used to construct the frozen wonderland

46: Rough height, in metres, of the tallest ice sculpture at the festival

10 to 15 million: Number of visitors to the festival each year

250: Length, in metres, of the 2007 Harbin Ice Festival sculpture of Canadian-born physician Norman Bethune that was awarded the Guinness World Records title of world’s largest snow sculpture.

-13: Average daytime temperature, in degrees Celsius, of Harbin. (Nighttime lows can dip into the -30s.)

11: Number of couples who participated in a group wedding at the festival in 2015. A group wedding ceremony takes place annually.

Getting there

Does the Harbin Ice Festival sound up your alley? G Adventures can get you there. Check out our limited-edition departures to the Harbin Ice Festival here.

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