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Seabourn Encore

During the past decade, the cruise industry has made significant investments in upgrading hardware and onboard services to upgrade their products.   And, it’s not just cruise lines in the luxury category. Most premium operators have made big investments too, which has served to close the gap between premium and luxury.  It’s become commonplace for the premium lines to promote their award-winning chefs and specialty restaurants, high-end spas, linens and satins from around the world, bedding befitting of kings and queens and breathtaking suites and penthouses.  These changes have blurred the lines between premium operators and top tier luxury providers.

Encore Main Pool

Seabourn Cruise Lines hasn’t taken notice of the impersonators.   As one of the premier luxury cruise lines in the travel industry, Seabourn continues to innovate in the luxury segment by way of design and onboard services; always with a focus on satisfying the most discriminating travelers.  They are always a step ahead.  Rather than emulating others, they envision what luxury will be rather than what it was.   Seabourn has charted a different course in order to accommodate those who expect more.

When Seabourn launched the Encore in 2017, they introduced a new level of contemporary luxury that made competitors wonder what’s next.   They successfully redefined luxury; comfortable, interactive, social and casually elegant.  They recognized that the affluent market is ever-changing, which is reflected in their tastes and expectations.  Innovators, like Seabourn, must anticipate change to meet those expectations.  Business as usual is not the way they approach the luxury cruise business.  As a result, they are constantly redefining the onboard experience for cruise guests and, in the process, creating a new generation of raving fans.  Seabourn gets it.

The Retreat

Their newest vessel, the Encore, exudes luxury on her terms; those defined by evolving customer expectations.  It’s fair to say that this magnificent vessel knows no equal.   The overall build and attention to detail is simply astounding.  It’s an art form that floats.   The common areas of the ship were designed to be luxurious, but in a manner, that made them warm, inviting and comfortable.   Seabourn didn’t compromise comfort for style, they demanded and achieved both.  Their standard dining venues rival specialty restaurants on other lines, with considerable attention to their crystal, silver and tableware.  The all-inclusive Seabourn experience makes it easy to put their large crystal wine glasses to the test while never reaching into your pocket.

Seabourn’s style comes with substance.  A dedicated Sushi restaurant blends tradition with authenticity to create the finest fresh sushi at sea.  It’s elegant, but casual, interactive and fun as Seabourn’s Japanese staff places as much emphasis on the diner’s experience as they do the preparation of their sushi.  The Grill, by Thomas Keller, is another example of Seabourn’s innovation.  Taking inspiration from the classics in the 50’s and 60’s, the Grill creates a new, delectable twist on this classic cuisine.  The Lobster Mac & Cheese is killer.  And, speaking of substance, the in-room butler is one more example of a refined luxury.  Your butler is everywhere, but nowhere, ensuring that he’s always responsive, but never intrusive.

The Grille by Thomas Keller

Sushi Restaurant

The Colonnade

The Colonnade

Changes in style, décor, onboard experiences, services, food, drink and fine wines have made Encore a model for the future of five-star sailing.   Seabourn has made it their business to deliver luxury on the travelers’ terms.   The new Encore is a paradigm busting ship that redefines the luxury sailing experience.  And, it appeals to a broad audience from Millennials to Baby Boomers; they peacefully coexist on board.

Seabourn’s commitment to luxury is evident in even the lowest level of suite where their bar is set abnormally high.  There is no such thing as adequate on Seabourn as it starts with amazing and worked its way up to unbelievable.  Simply stated, Seabourn is synonymous with ultra-luxury.

If you’re a consumer, Seabourn gives you much to consume; it’s an assault on the senses that becomes an unforgettable life experience.  If you’re a seller of travel, recommend Seabourn without reservation.  When you do, everyone wins.

Tim Smith, President & CEO, GlobaPoint Travel Solutions – Carefree Vacations

Contact Carefree Vacations at 1.800.CONFIRM (266.3476) for information on your next Seabourn voyage.



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