How to find the right escorted tour

If you are new to escorted travel tours, or have even traveled on them before, there is still quite a bit of trip planning involved. There are dozens of escorted tour companies out there and it’s easy to be caught up in a web full of information overload. Although it may appear that many of these companies offer similar tours, there are definitely different experiences each can offer. This is where a travel agent can really be invaluable and help you fine tune what you are looking for to build a great vacation package!

Most escorted tours will all have very similar travel components in their tours which include the following: hotels, transportation between cities, many meals, and all sightseeing with a group of travelers who will accompany you on the entire trip. One of the first things you have to ask yourself once you have decided an escorted tour is what you want,  are what experiences are you looking for? Do you want a small group experience? Or maybe you are looking for a family friendly experience? These days experiential or adventure travel is very popular so you want to make sure you join the right kind of escorted tour.

There are many great advantages of being on an escorted tour and one of them is having all the travel logistics planned ahead of time. If you are new to foreign travel whether it be to Europe or South America, it’s a great feeling to have the major travel components planned ahead of time.  You can just relax and focus on enjoying your trip! Another advantage is the opportunity to meet other like minded travelers. If you are in your 30’s and 40’s looking for an active adventure, G Adventures is a great choice. If you are retired or seeking a more leisurely upscale experience Trafalgar and Tauck would be excellent options.

There are many more wonderful escorted tour companies out there for nearly every demographic and budget. If you are not clear on the experience you are seeking, this is where a travel agent can help you sort through the options and choose the best tour company for your needs. They key is to be armed with the right information so that your vacation is seamlessly planned from start to finish. Start planning your trip today!


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