Experience the Galapagos Islands on a Celebrity Expedition

Celebrity Cruises Xpeditions have an extremely knowledgeable team of licensed naturalists to serve as your personal guides, answer your questions, and  introduce you to unbelievable sights of this incredibly unique environment, the Galapagos Islands.

Although many of the birds migrate to the mainland and return, once here the animals on the islands just don’t have a natural fear of humans and seem to tolerate each other rather well. They seem to think of us as just another creature. They react to our presence without fear nor are they aggressive. Often, you will literally have to walk around them. It makes you wonder who is studying whom.

On a Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Xpedition, you will visit 7 islands, go on 15 excursions and see things up close you never dreamed you would see. For every island expedition you have a choice of low, medium, and high impact excursions. These very stable zodiacs, the same boats used by the Navy seals, take each group ashore or on shoreline adventures. You’ll learn the scientific importance of the Galapagos and what is being done to carefully preserve it. The world renowned Darwin research station is where scientists from all over the world converge as a base to study this wondrous place and its unique natural inhabitants.

Back on board your comfort is well taken care of by an extremely attentive and friendly staff. Xpedition is a state of the art ship. Its environmental systems are the best in the world. In fact, far cleaner and non-polluting than any ship or yacht in the Galapagos. With a maximum of just 96 passengers, Xpedition has plenty of room and plenty of amenities. Whether in the main dining room, or taking lunch on the top deck, the quality of the food is what you expect on a Celebrity ship- fantastic! Every evening offers an opportunity for sharing your adventure with fellow explorers followed by a fascinating preview of the next day’s adventures.

By the time you leave the islands you will actually have experienced more of the Galapagos than Charles Darwin himself. One thing is for certain; your adventures in the Galapagos will have a lasting effect. And though you will eventually leave the Galapagos, the Galapagos will never leave you.

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Celebrity Cruises Galapagos Itineraries

Request information from a Galapagos Cruise Specialist at Carefree Vacations. Our travel consultants have first-hand experience at this amazing natural habitat and are ready to make your dream trip a reality. Call 1.800.CONFIRM (266.3476) or click here to have a travel specialist contact you.

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  1. Tracy Anderson says:

    The Galapagos Islands are one of the last untouched areas you can vsit. The animals tere have no know preditors and that allows yo to get up close for veiwing. One of the most exotic and interesting places I have ever been. I highlyrecommend a visit…

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