Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the terms of conditions for Carefree Vacations, a Frosch Company


All information is subject to change without notice. All travel herein is offered by travel suppliers who are independent of Carefree Vacations and its affiliates. As the travel agency, we act as an agent for suppliers and airlines in selling travel related services. Carefree Vacations and its affiliates accept no responsibility for travel not provided by the travel suppliers. We do not provide any of the transportation, accommodations, cruises, car rentals or other travel services described herein, nor are we liable for any claim for personal injury, property loss or damage, or personal loss or damage arising out of the acts, omissions or negligence of any such independent supplier. You are subject to the terms, conditions and availability of each independent travel supplier.

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of your reservations. It is your responsibility to ensure that all names of passengers are spelled correctly and match all required documentation. Carefully check names, dates, destinations, departure, and arrival information for accuracy. Please contact your travel agent or Carefree Vacations immediately if any corrections are required. Please note that fees or penalties may apply.


Prices are not guaranteed until paid in full and are subject to change without notice. Travel suppliers or airlines may impose added taxes, fuel or other surcharges after full payment has been received.

Changes and/or Cancellation Penalties

If you change or cancel a reservation or any component within a reservation or itinerary, you are subject to the penalties imposed by the travel supplier or airline. These penalties vary. Please check the travel supplier’s brochure or website for actual details, or ask your travel consultant. Additionally, Carefree Vacations and affiliates may charge a separate change or cancellation fee above and beyond those charged by the travel suppliers or airlines.

Airline Reservations

Carefree Vacations and its affiliates are not responsible for changes to your reservation imposed by the airline. Flight schedules, routing, airline equipment, seat assignments may change without notice. The airline has the right to make these changes up to the last minute and including enroute travel to your final destination.

If you change or cancel an airline ticket, please call Carefree Vacations directly. If you use any portion of your ticket, you may not be eligible for a refund. If you do not cancel your reservation prior to departure, you may forfeit the full amount of the ticket. Most airline tickets are non-refundable and change penalties apply. If you change your reservation enroute, please be aware that the cost of your ticket may increase.

Reconfirmation and Check-in

Passengers should reconfirm their reservations directly with the airline prior to departure. For domestic reservations, you should contact the airline 48 hours in advance to reconfirm reservations. Check in at the operating airline ticket counter 2 hours prior to departure. For international reservations, you should contact the airline 72 hours in advance to reconfirm reservations. Check in at the operating airline ticket counter 3 hours prior to departure for international travel.


Carefree Vacations and its affiliates recommend you purchase travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise with your trip. Travel Insurance is available for trip cancellation and interruption, supplier default, health, and baggage. Please ask your travel consultant to explain the different insurance plans available for your trip.

Airline or Travel Supplier Bankruptcies

Carefree Vacations and its affiliates cannot be held responsible if an airline or travel supplier claims bankruptcy. Please be aware that travel agencies are not allowed to refund airline tickets for airlines that have claimed bankruptcy. Money given to a travel agency is immediately turned over to the supplier and is not in the possession of the agency. If an airline or travel supplier declares bankruptcy they are not obligated to provide travel services or refunds to you. Other airlines or travel suppliers may accept passengers under limited circumstances, but also have the right to refuse passengers from defaulted airlines or tours. If you have questions regarding the solvency of the airline or travel supplier you are using, please ask your travel consultant. If you pay by credit card and your travel supplier claims bankruptcy, most major credit card companies can reverse the charges for you. You should check with your credit card company in these cases. You can purchase travel insurance to protect you against potential supplier default in certain circumstances.

Proof of Identification, Citizenship and Age

The traveler assumes all responsibility for documentation requirements. Airlines and some travel suppliers require proof of citizenship and age. Upon check-in for your trip you will be required to show photo identification which needs to match the names on your travel documents. When you travel internationally, you are required to bring a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the conclusion of your trip. Some foreign countries only require notarized birth certificates as proof of citizenship. Non-U.S. citizens, residents and green card holders must contact the consulate of the country they are visiting for documentation requirements. It is your responsibility to obtain passports, visas or entry documents and to meet current health requirements. For more information, you should contact the consulate of the countries you plan to visit, or you may contact World Passports and Visas at 858-592-7545.

If you are traveling on a cruise or tour you must complete any pre-travel information and/or immigration documents required by the travel supplier(s) and mail or fax back to the address indicated on the documents. Failure to do so may delay your travel documents.

Before you make international reservations, you should monitor the safety and security conditions of the destination(s) you plan to visit. For current information contact the Travel Advisory Section of the U.S. State Department at 202-647-5225 or www.travel/.state.gov.

Air Deviations on a Cruise Booking

Most travel suppliers will accept a request for specific airlines, scheduling, class of service or routing called an "air deviation". Travel suppliers usually impose a fee for air deviation requests. You must also pay for any difference in cost between your requested airline tickets and the travel supplier provided airline tickets. Request air from your travel consultant prior to your final payment due date. Once confirmed, revisions to airline tickets are subject to additional fees. Any complimentary services (i.e. overnight stays, transfers, dayrooms, etc.) may be forfeited should the travel supplier confirm your air deviation request.


Travel suppliers may or may not include transfers to and from the airport even when air is purchased through them. Ask your travel consultant if transfers are included, or whether they are available for an additional charge. Please note that transfers may not be available to/from all destinations.

Travel Documents for Cruises or Tours

In most cases, travel documents are electronic, and online pre-registration is required. Please ask your Travel Consultant for details. When paper documents are issued, we normally receive them 2 weeks prior to departure. We will review them for accuracy and forward them to you. Contact your Travel Consultant if you are within 7 days of travel and have not received your documents or instructions for online registration. Additional fees apply for processing within 14 days of travel (expedited services).

Hazards or Weather Conditions

Carefree Vacations and its affiliates do not provide updates or warnings regarding unsafe conditions, health hazards, weather hazards or climate extremes, or the suitability of any destination, product or service for disabled or infirm persons. For information concerning possible dangers in international destinations, contact the Travel Advisory Section of the US State Department at 202-647-5225.

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