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6-Nights Luxury Line: French Culinary and Wine
Europe Express
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Exclusive Promotion: Save $200 per couple

Valid for new bookings made from September 1 - December 31, 2019, for travel from September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020. Please contact your travel advisor for more information.*

*Promotion is subject to availability, may not be combinable with certain fares or other amenity offers, is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions may apply.

Exclusive Promotion: Save $200 per couple

Valid for new bookings made from October 9, 2019 - January 31, 2020, for travel from October 9, 2019 - September 30, 2020. Please contact your travel advisor for more information.*

*Promotion is subject to availability, may not be combinable with certain fares or other amenity offers, is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time. Other restrictions may apply.


Europe Express

Luxury Line: French Culinary and Wine
Your inspiring journey through the realm of French gastronomy will begin with three nights in the City of Light. Savor Parisian cuisine, visit local food markets, take a cooking class and see Paris’ most iconic sights. Then travel first-class by train to one of world’s most prestigious wine regions: Bordeaux. Three unforgettable nights there will allow you to visit a Grand Cru wine chateau, tour the ancient town of Saint-Émilion and explore the treasure-trove of historic buildings in the World Heritage City of Bordeaux.

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Paris, world capital of art and culture, gathers some of the most famous museums and monuments in the world. Like all the world's great capitals, Paris lives at a fast pace, by day, by night and especially at rush hours. Bear in mind that museums and monuments are often less crowded during the week. Sights that should not be missed include: The Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay. Visit any of the many others according to your tastes and interests: the Musee Picasso, Musee Rodin, Musee Carnavalet, Musee Marmottan and the Arab Institute are just a few. Essential Paris monuments are the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe or the Grande Arche de la Defense.
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November 2019
11/12/201911/19/2019$2,099 per person
11/13/201911/20/2019$2,099 per person
11/14/201911/21/2019$2,099 per person
11/15/201911/22/2019$2,099 per person
11/16/201911/23/2019$2,099 per person
11/17/201911/24/2019$2,099 per person
11/18/201911/25/2019$2,099 per person
11/19/201911/26/2019$2,099 per person
11/20/201911/27/2019$2,099 per person
11/21/201911/28/2019$2,099 per person
11/22/201911/29/2019$2,099 per person
11/23/201911/30/2019$2,099 per person
11/24/201912/01/2019$2,099 per person
11/25/201912/02/2019$2,099 per person
11/26/201912/03/2019$2,099 per person
11/27/201912/04/2019$2,099 per person
11/28/201912/05/2019$2,099 per person
11/29/201912/06/2019$2,099 per person
11/30/201912/07/2019$2,099 per person
December 2019
12/01/201912/08/2019$2,099 per person
12/02/201912/09/2019$2,099 per person
12/03/201912/10/2019$2,099 per person
12/04/201912/11/2019$2,099 per person
12/05/201912/12/2019$2,099 per person
12/06/201912/13/2019$2,099 per person
12/07/201912/14/2019$2,099 per person
12/08/201912/15/2019$2,099 per person
12/09/201912/16/2019$2,099 per person
12/10/201912/17/2019$2,099 per person
12/11/201912/18/2019$2,099 per person
12/12/201912/19/2019$2,099 per person
12/13/201912/20/2019$2,099 per person
12/14/201912/21/2019$2,099 per person
12/15/201912/22/2019$2,099 per person
12/16/201912/23/2019$2,099 per person
12/17/201912/24/2019$2,099 per person
12/18/201912/25/2019$2,099 per person
12/19/201912/26/2019$2,099 per person
12/20/201912/27/2019$1,899 per person
12/21/201912/28/2019$1,899 per person
12/22/201912/29/2019$1,899 per person
12/23/201912/30/2019$1,899 per person
12/24/201912/31/2019$1,899 per person
12/25/201901/01/2020$1,899 per person
12/26/201901/02/2020$1,999 per person
12/27/201901/03/2020$2,199 per person
12/28/201901/04/2020$2,399 per person
12/29/201901/05/2020$2,299 per person
12/30/201901/06/2020$2,099 per person
12/31/201901/07/2020$1,999 per person
January 2020
01/01/202001/08/2020$1,899 per person
01/02/202001/09/2020$1,899 per person
01/03/202001/10/2020$1,899 per person
01/04/202001/11/2020$1,999 per person
01/05/202001/12/2020$1,899 per person
01/06/202001/13/2020$1,899 per person
01/07/202001/14/2020$1,899 per person
01/08/202001/15/2020$1,899 per person
01/09/202001/16/2020$1,899 per person
01/10/202001/17/2020$1,899 per person
01/11/202001/18/2020$1,999 per person
01/12/202001/19/2020$1,899 per person
01/13/202001/20/2020$1,899 per person
01/14/202001/21/2020$1,899 per person
01/15/202001/22/2020$1,899 per person
01/16/202001/23/2020$1,899 per person
01/17/202001/24/2020$1,899 per person
01/18/202001/25/2020$1,999 per person
01/19/202001/26/2020$1,899 per person
01/20/202001/27/2020$1,899 per person
01/21/202001/28/2020$1,899 per person
01/22/202001/29/2020$1,899 per person
01/23/202001/30/2020$1,899 per person
01/24/202001/31/2020$1,899 per person
01/25/202002/01/2020$1,999 per person
01/26/202002/02/2020$1,899 per person
01/27/202002/03/2020$1,899 per person
01/28/202002/04/2020$1,899 per person
01/29/202002/05/2020$1,899 per person
01/30/202002/06/2020$1,899 per person
01/31/202002/07/2020$1,899 per person
February 2020
02/01/202002/08/2020$1,999 per person
02/02/202002/09/2020$1,899 per person
02/03/202002/10/2020$1,899 per person
02/04/202002/11/2020$1,899 per person
02/05/202002/12/2020$1,899 per person
02/06/202002/13/2020$1,899 per person
02/07/202002/14/2020$1,899 per person
02/08/202002/15/2020$1,999 per person
02/09/202002/16/2020$1,899 per person
02/10/202002/17/2020$1,899 per person
02/11/202002/18/2020$1,899 per person
02/12/202002/19/2020$1,899 per person
02/13/202002/20/2020$1,899 per person
02/14/202002/21/2020$1,899 per person
02/15/202002/22/2020$1,999 per person
02/16/202002/23/2020$1,899 per person
02/17/202002/24/2020$1,899 per person
02/18/202002/25/2020$1,899 per person
02/19/202002/26/2020$1,899 per person
02/20/202002/27/2020$1,899 per person
02/21/202002/28/2020$1,899 per person
02/22/202002/29/2020$1,999 per person
02/23/202003/01/2020$1,899 per person
02/24/202003/02/2020$1,899 per person
02/25/202003/03/2020$1,899 per person
02/26/202003/04/2020$1,899 per person
02/27/202003/05/2020$1,899 per person
02/28/202003/06/2020$1,899 per person
02/29/202003/07/2020$1,999 per person
March 2020
03/01/202003/08/2020$1,899 per person
03/02/202003/09/2020$1,899 per person
03/03/202003/10/2020$1,899 per person
03/04/202003/11/2020$1,899 per person
03/05/202003/12/2020$1,899 per person
03/06/202003/13/2020$1,899 per person
03/07/202003/14/2020$1,999 per person
03/08/202003/15/2020$1,899 per person
03/09/202003/16/2020$1,899 per person
03/10/202003/17/2020$1,899 per person
03/11/202003/18/2020$1,899 per person
03/12/202003/19/2020$1,899 per person
03/13/202003/20/2020$1,899 per person
03/14/202003/21/2020$1,999 per person
03/15/202003/22/2020$1,899 per person
03/16/202003/23/2020$1,899 per person
03/17/202003/24/2020$1,899 per person
03/18/202003/25/2020$1,899 per person
03/19/202003/26/2020$1,899 per person
03/20/202003/27/2020$1,899 per person
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